Back on Track

Project title:  Promoting the (re)integration of NEETs in rural areas

Program: Danube Region Program

Total budget: EUR 2,473,610.60

EU ERDF amount: EUR 1,978,888.48

Project duration: 01.01.2024. – 30.06.2026

Contact person: Dancsecs Roland

Project website:

The contents of the project:

In 2021, the European Union (EU) faced the problem that a large percentage of young people between the ages of 15 and 29 fall into the Not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET) category. Specifically, 13.1% of young people were classified as NEET, which caused serious alarm especially in rural regions. This situation not only had a negative impact on the welfare and standard of living of NEETs, but also threatened the social and economic sustainability of these areas.

In order to address this urgent challenge, the EU has set itself the goal of reducing the NEET rate below 9% by 2030 and has recognized the revitalization of rural regions as a common European vision. In response, the Back on Track project was developed as a tool to address these challenges and contribute to the achievement of these common goals.

The purpose of Back on Track is to promote the social, educational and labor market integration of rural NEETs in the Danube region. Through the implementation of personalized distance learning and mentoring programs, rural NEETs experience increased digital integration, resulting in enhanced resilience, increased intellectual potential and human capital. In addition, by enhancing virtual mobility, their overall quality of life is significantly improved, paving the way for them to get back on track.

In order to achieve the project's goals and ensure the long-term sustainability of the results, it creates a transnational network of cross-sector stakeholders. It also develops a strategy to successfully reach rural NEETs, implements a mentoring program and creates an innovative digital training model tailored to the identified needs of rural NEETs. Through all this, the project aims to provide a path and new perspectives for individual development, training and career guidance without having to leave rural areas.


Austrian Young Workers Movement ÖJAB

South Muntenia Regional Development Agency

ADEL Slovakia

DEX Innovation centre

Development Association NERDA

Pannon Novum West-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Nonprofit Ltd.

Philanthropy, Charitable Foundation of the Serbian Orthodox Church

Foundation for Improvement of Employment Possibilities PRIZMA

Human Innovation Group Nonprofit Ltd.

YES Forum Ltd.

Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency

Ministry of Economy of Tuzla Canton

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia