Innovation consulting - "How to implement an innovative idea"

Pannon Novum West-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Nonprofit Ltd. has three information points - Szombathely, Győr and Zalaegerszeg. Our colleagues are happy to help you and are always at your service should you need any further information.

Our services and competences:


  • Transmition of R&D service
  • Incubation services
  • Transmition of technological background services for development, examination and graduation of prototype
  • Project management
  • Application consulting, resource retainment
  • Application management, crisis management
  • Innovation marketing, complition of marketing studies
  • Innovation research, audit and promotion
  • Business plans, feasibility studies, technical expertise

Generate innovative projects
Innovation coaching (personal consulting): we have been in contact with 10 selected enterprises for 3 years on a daily basis. Pannon Novum West-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency provides concentrated services to enterprises (people to people) in a frame of a pilot project.

Partner brokerage
Nowadays, it is necessary to involve partners in the projects. We would like to create a platform so that everyone can search for partners for their project ideas, or search among the proposals.

Create knowledge databases
We will create databases to store information and data in an integrated way:

a. Innovation expert database:
Firstly, we will create an innovation expert database (Application consultants' network in the West-Transdanubian region). This database will be available on the homepage of the Regional Innovation Agency (<> ) and on the homepage of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (<> )

b. Innovation competence database:
With the help of the innovation competence database, co-operation among small and medium enterprises, partner search and building business relations will be more effective.
The basis of the database is a filled Innovation Competence Database Profile, which includes the main data, activity, products and services of the enterprises. Strength of the database is that the main competences and excellence of the enterprises can be found by using key words.

c. Innovation best practise database:
The development of innovation knowledge bases will be the basis of the development of innovation network. The best practise database shows the relationship between R&D and enterprise practise, practical adaptation of high tech, new technologies and channels of distribution.

d. Innovation application database:
The aim of the application database is to collect data and information relevant for SMEs in the field of innovation in a structured way.

Availability of the innovation application sources Pannon Novum West-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency would like to find a solution for the financing problems of innovation projects. The agency matches the application sources with their target groups. Information about national and EU financing is available in the information points and on our homepage.