FEMCOOP - Female cooperation: women in technical professions

Cimkék:  FEMCOOP

Staff qualification is an essential prerequisite for the dynamic economic development of enterprises. The increasing shortage of skilled workers in the technical field calls for new approaches to vocational orientation for young people. Particularly girls and young women still tend to focus on a very limited number of career choices. Many of them know little or nothing about typical jobs and materials in science, technology and engineering.

FEMCOOP, a project realised in the context of the cross-border co-operation between Austria and Hungary 2007–2013, aims to attract especially girls and young women to jobs in science, technology and engineering, and thus to counteract the skilled worker shortage in the project regions. The plan is to enlist skilled women workers in the metal and electrical industries as role models for young women and girls.

Project Web site: http://www.femcoop.net

Main data

Project duration:

  • July 2012 to June 2014 (30 months)



  • Innovation Region Styria GmbH
  • bfi Steiermark
  • Bildungszentrum Weiz
  • Regionaler Entwicklungsverband Industrieviertel

Hungary: Pannon Novum Nonprofit Kft.

Project budget: 317.050 euro, ERDF contribution 85 %

Contact: Claudia Krobath, e-mail: claudia.krobath@irstyria.com, tel.: 0043 664 477 0909