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FEMCOOP - Female cooperation: women in technical professions

Staff qualification is an essential prerequisite for the dynamic economic development of enterprises. The increasing shortage of skilled workers in the technical field calls for new approaches to vocational orientation for young people. Particularly girls and young women still tend to focus on a very limited number of career choices. Many of them know little or nothing about typical jobs and materials in science, technology and engineering.

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SECOVIA - Public Administrations moving together on the Cloud

SECOVIA project promotes jointly developed, advanced IT solutions that harvest the benefits of cloud computing to support access to shared public IT services, resources & infrastructures and tackle the digital divide among SEE territories.

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ELMOs - Electromobility Solutions for Cities and Regions

We help cities and regions to provide green mobility solutions that drive quality of life, competitiveness and sustainable growth.

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REZIPE - Renewable Energies for Zero Emission Transport in Europe

REZIPE, shows methods for reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and fine dust (PM10) by introducing zero emission vehicles (ZEV) in urban environments. The energy used in ZEV derives from renewable and clean energy sources. The vehicles are tested in pilot project implementations in six European cities. The vehicles are tested in pilot project implementations in six European cities.

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InoPlaCe - Improving of Key Supporting Services for Young Innovators across Central Europe

Young innovators are important potential driving force for the innovation in regions of Central Europe, but as the matter of fact their potential is used in very limited amount. It is also concerned that their needs for support is particularly the same as for other Innovators, particularly they faced specific issues according to their experiences, knowledge and social inclusion.

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