Are you frustrated by wasting your valuable time stuck up in traffic jams, thinking of better ways spending it?

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Bored of walking home from the train, bus or metro station? Takes you 20 minutes to do the 40 km to the outskirts of the city you work in, and then an additional hour to do the last 10? Ever wondered why you need to drag over 1 ton of metal and plastic to get you from one place to another? Could make good use of a practical, yet fast and comfortable vehicle for short trips and excursions during your holidays? Do you care for your environment and sustainability? Perhaps all of these? Or do you just like pure, organic design?

Then the MOVEO ultra light, folding electric scooter is for You! "

Tomorrow – on Saturday, 16:58 CET, 7:58 PDT – our crowdfunding event will enter the active stage and start collecting funds.

With over 13 000 visitors seeing our event until now we have good chances of running a successful campaign.

Do not miss being a part of it and get your MOVEO scooter amongst the first ones. Also, do not forget that 1st day pledges get an automatic 10% discount.

Do you know people who would also like one? – Subscribe as a promoter for our event, replace links with your personal one and get your chance to win a free MOVEO …

Let your environmental conscious self free and let it act for you.

MOVEO on JumpStartCity

Do not forget: only a couple of days and you can help to make our world a more livable place by helping the MOVEO electric scooter to the market.




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