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How The Robot Revolution Affects the Manufacturing Business

Since the inception of the assembly line, manufacturers have continually searched for ways to improve their efficiency. In the past few decades, robots have taken over some of the functions of human workers, mostly in repetitive, routine tasks. This has caused alarm for some who are worried about robots taking their jobs.

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Hungarian women’s accessories designer wins international accolade

Products of the Masamod brand, designed by Virág Ildikó ERDEI have finished first in the “Oldhands” accessories category in this year’s Central European contest, entitled Gombold újra! (Rebutton!). Sponsored by the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA), next spring she can display her products in the Zip Zone Showroom of the Paris Fashion Week. Her traditional bags, hats and gloves are manufactured by Kézmű Nonprofit Kft (Artisan Nonprofit LLC).

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Hungarian chocolate makers win international awards

chocoMe LLC of Budapest, Hungary, and Hungarian artisan chocolate maker Tibor Szántó have earned international recognition at Great Taste Awards 2013. They outstripped thousands of entrants from the world over.

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Start-up web series

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Intelligent electronic knife on its way to speed up cancer operations

Britain’s parliamentary undersecretary of state at the Department of Health, Lord Howe, offered a statement yesterday praising the intelligent electronic knife (iKnife) developed by Zoltán Takáts, formerly of Budapest’s Semmelweis University, who is currently working in London.

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Innovation – Speech assistance software wins first prize

At the 22nd Youth Science and Innovation Talent Search Competition Balázs Zsombori of Hungary has been awarded first prize for his speech assistance software PictoVerb, which facilitates the verbal communication of people with speech impairment. He developed the program in an effort to help a teacher who had undergone laryngotomy.

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Investment in the future: National RDI Strategy2020 was approved by the Hungarian Government

The competitiveness of the national economy can be enhanced by the new knowledge, improved continuously in the whole economy. The social-economical based technological and knowledge oriented development has more persistent and bigger impact on the economical development, than the simple increase of the resources.

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Hungarian project wins regional innovation competition

One Hungarian and one Polish project were awarded joint first prize at the final of the regional innovation competition organized by Silicon Valley’s Singularity University. The two winners will travel to NASA’s California research center this summer.

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Startups aiming for the world

If an idea is global and satisfies a basic need, any startup can make it on the international stage as several companies stemming from Budapest have already shown, speakers at the Budapest Business Journal’s Going Global conference pointed out. That said, Hungarian startups still have a lot to learn.

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Govt to review R+D financing system

The government will review financing for research and development this year to improve the efficiency of the support system and help the country reach its goal of boosting R+D spending from 1.15pc of GDP to 1.8pc by 2020, National Economy Ministry state secretary Zoltan Csefalvay told MTI on the sidelines of a conference on Tuesday.

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